The yooPT is a smart self balancing personal transporter. As compact as possible and as large as necessary. You can drive as well on bumpy sidewalks and across small steps.

The yooPTs maximum speed is 14km/h and its weight is only 14kg.

  • The yooPT comes with the newest battery technology. The LiFePo prismatic cells have a lifetime of more than 1000 charge cycles.

  • The driving range is about 10km. Enough to close the gap between your home and the train-station.

  • The yooPT is very light weight. With only 14kg you can take it everywhere.

  • 23cm air tiresSmooth & comfortable driving. The yooPT has enough ground clearance to drive up small steps and edges.

  • Lean steeringWith the moveable steering rod you will have a really dynamic driving experience.

  • compact designThe yooPT has a footprint of only 48cmx38cm.

  • strong ABS enclosure.the two-piece housing is made from extremely durable ABS. It is designed for a rough outdoor use.